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Rolled Products

We carry and can source Tread Plate, Flat Sheet, Heavy Gauge Flat Sheet and Plate

Rolling aluminium and its alloys is one of the principle ways of converting cast aluminium slab from the smelters and wrought re-melts into a usable industrial form...Further rolling can produce the thinnest of foil with a thickness as low as 0.006 mm, approximately one-third the thickness of a human hair!
Altus stock and supply one of the widest range of aluminium sheet, plate, and coil in New Zealand.
Our stocked range of products include:
  • Coil
  • Flat Sheet
  • Heavy Gauge Flat Sheet
  • Treadplate
  • Stucco
  • Plate


  • General Purpose Low to medium strength with good formability
  • Engineering Grade High strength, machinable
  • Marine Grade Medium to high strength, machinable
  • Marine Grade Certified Medium to high strength, machinable, certified to Lloyds Register of Shipping specification