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Speciality windows enhance a room as well as the resident's lifestyle. A bay window gives a home endless New Zealand sunsets, and a skylight lets dwellers stargaze without leaving the living room. Custom windows will upscale a build, but only if you use the right supplier. 

Most customers are going to want speciality windows, and it's up to you to choose the right ones. Suppliers vary greatly in how they operate, and there are certain features specifiers should be on the lookout for to ensure quality and service.

The right specialty windows enhance a room tremendously.

Look for durable attractive options 

For specialty windows that endure, the glazing, casing and joinery must be well made. Aluminium windows are lightweight, yet sturdy and long-lasting. Because they aren't prone to warping or splitting, they require little maintenance. To ensure the highest quality, work with a supplier with access to reputable, experienced brands.

Homeowners can't enjoy the view when the window itself isn't attractive. When choosing a window supplier, go with one who can offer something truly stunning, including skylights, curved and raked glass, greenhouses and more. If you want to get it right with every build, choose a supplier who has a wide array of offerings, including castings in various colours and finishes. 

To that end, while beauty is important, security is foremost. Good suppliers will offer windows that are double glazed, with a variety of locking options, as well as strong casings and joinery.

Let in the right light with specialty windows.

Choose a sustainable supplier

Builders and architects have a responsibility to look out for the environment when it comes to the materials they use and the suppliers they work with. By choosing to work with a supplier who partners with sustainable manufacturers, you can minimise the environmental impact of your next build. What's worth looking out for? Sustainable suppliers should:

  • Use zero or low VOC products when possible 
  • Choose recyclable materials such as aluminium
  • Analyse and report on their environmental performance regularly
  • Encourage and train builders on resource preservation on site
  • Centre on a strategy of lean manufacturing

Partnering with 'green' suppliers isn't just the right thing to do, it can also save your customers money down the line. Thermal glazing and aluminium joinery can go a long way in slashing heating expenses. 

Find a supplier with the right resources

Do the windows open the right way? Are they positioned to let in optimal light where and when you want it? Do they reduce noise? You might think you want casement windows in a given area, when bifold windows are actually more suitable. You'll only know all the details about the windows and doors you're using if you select a supplier who not only knows their product, but who works to understand the details of your build as well. 

At Altus Window Systems, we know the importance of getting it right, so we give our builders and specifiers extensive access to helpful resources. From our free database of CAD and resources to our Masterspec specification program, we make sure specifiers have everything they need. 

So what should you look for in a speciality window supplier? It all comes down to finding a supplier who has a strong product catalogue, operates sustainable, and will give you appropriate resources. At Altus Window Systems, we do all three. To find out more about how we can enhance your next build, reach out to our expert team today.