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Entertainer's Paradise

Fabricator Fisher Pukekohe

Location Waiheke Island

Systems Atlantic48™

Products Eurostacker™ Doors, Biparting Cavity Eurostacker™ Doors

Industry Sector Residential

Architect / Designer Sumich Chaplin.

When you’re living in a country such as New Zealand that’s blessed with our stunning natural scenery, you want to be able to enjoy it. So when building a new home that’s positioned for views, you should aim to make the most of this. Planning where you want your windows and doors is a good start.

The architects, builders and team at Fisher Windows Pukekohe understood this when building an Auckland Architecture Award winning home in Palm Beach, Waiheke Island. Situated on a cliff top overlooking the sea, the owner wanted to maximise the spectacular views, open up areas for entertaining and keep the entire house well ventilated. As people who live on the island can tell you, this can be particularly challenging over summer.

Two sets of Eurostacker™ doors were chosen – one for upstairs and the one for the downstairs area, a generous eight metre wide biparting and at one end, Cavity Eurostacker™ door opening out to a large patio area.

In order to maximise the space and views, one end of the biparting Eurostacker™ doors can be recessed into the wall, so family and guests can enjoy uninterrupted views and access.

Says Tony Brown of Fisher – “With the Atlantic48™ system there’s also a flush sill, meaning a flat transition from inside tiles to joinery sill, reducing the chances of kids or even adults tripping or falling. This safety aspect is important when designing any home.”

Spending time selecting the right windows and doors for your home is worth it. It will maximise the views, improve ventilation and safety and make your place a more enjoyable home to live in.