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Kliptank - Industrial Aluminium

Industry Sector Industrial Aluminium - Agriculture

Location Tauranga

Products Altus Industrial Aluminium Extrusion

Helping Kliptank bring their IP to life

In 2009, Tauranga-based manufacturer Kliptank, revolutionised water and wastewater management with the launch of their modular, high density polythene above-ground storage tanks.

It’s an approach that’s worked well for a lot of Altus Industrial’s clients. Reid attributes this to the fact that Altus shares a lot of common ground with their clients.

“As a manufacturing company, we live and breathe in the same world as our customers,” he says. “We have a lot in common in terms of manufacturing and operations.”

And people. Let’s not forget the people in all this. After all, as Reid points out; “People deal with people.”

“We pride ourselves on our people, both at the client interface and the teams that are working behind the scenes, many of whom have been with Altus for decades. That continuity is highly valuable for our customers.”

Case in point. Coralie Savill has moved on to be the Industrial Business Unit Manager at Altus, but she continues to have a hands-on role with Kliptank.

The Altus Industrial development team, led by Coralie Savill, engaged and developed a thorough understanding of the requirements and came up with the extrusion die and tooling solutions to make it all happen.

As the Kliptank products have evolved over the years, so has the manufacturing processes at Altus Industrial. “We’re continuously improving our own processes and capabilities. Right now we’re investing more in our manufacturing assets than anyone in the industry in New Zealand,” says Reid.

In 2009, Kliptank produced New Zealand’s first ever patented modular HDPE bulk above ground storage tank for water and dairy effluent. Today, their tanks are also used for wastewater treatment plants, trickle filters, bark filters, fire safety storage, community reservoirs and water storage, whey, mining, oil and gas and even the movie industry. They tanks are designed, engineered and built right here in New Zealand, using quality New Zealand materials.

As the name suggests, Kliptank tanks can be flatpacked and easily transported to site. Once there, the polythene panels are literally clipped together and strengthened by galvanized wire ropes. There’s no need for a concrete pad foundation; just a sand base.

“We were the first patented tanks of our type,” says Fiona Birchall, Kliptank Business Development Manager.

With tank sizes starting at 74,000 litres and going all the way up to 5,600,000 lites, there’s a solution for virtually any application.

“Our tanks are used for dairy effluent storage, wastewater treatment plants, trickle filters, bark filters, safety storage, community reservoirs, whey, mining, oil and gas, community water storage and even the movie industry,” says Birchall.

In the years after their launch, the business enjoyed steady growth both here and overseas. Now, with the impact of climate change making effective water management essential, demand for Kliptanks has soared.

“Climate change isn’t the only driver for this surge in demand,” Birchall says. “Population growth is also putting pressure on water supplies.”

Altus Industrial Aluminium has been working with Kliptank since the idea of creating a modular above the ground water tank was just that: an idea.

“Our relationship with Kliptank began right at the inception of their concept,” says James Reid, National Sales Manager for Altus Industrial.

He goes on to point out that the Kliptank team knew what they wanted, both in terms of design and materials. “Our value offering was in how we could help them materialise their concept.”