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Living on the Edge

Fabricator Rylock Auckland

Location Waipu

Systems Pacific Thermal

Products Euroslider™ doors, Celestial Windows

Industry Sector Residential

Architect / Designer Jason Bailey

New Zealander's are fortunate in being blessed with an abundance of coastline they can readily access. When building a property by the beach, having the right windows and doors to enjoy the views but also to withstand the wind should be one of the first priorities.

When the owners of this north of Auckland, Langs Beach property sat down to plan their new family home, it was imperative the windows and doors selected would help cool the house in summer and maintain the warmth in winter. With 12 Euroslider™ doors, Celestial Windows, multiple Awning Windows and Hinged Doors from the Pacific Thermal system, all using specialty double glazed glass, they were able to achieve this goal. The Euroslider™ is a great option for increased weathertightness because of the outside sliding door panel, meaning the wind pushes onto the glass and ultimately the walls.

Throughout the home a uniform consistency was achieved through the use of colour matched Malta™ hardware window and door handles which not only look strong and stylish but seamlessly marry the Pacific Thermal system. It helped that they were designed in conjunction with one another.


The Pacific Thermal system provides more thermal efficiency than double glazing alone.

This is achieved through a thermally broken frame, unlike standard aluminium joinery which is highly conductive, the frame has a polyamide thermal barrier which prevents heat transfer from inside to out and vice versa, as well as reducing thermal heat transfer.

It also works to considerably reduce the chance of condensation on windows, ultimately keeping the inside of your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The Pacific Thermal system provides a robust appearance which complements the home as it perches on its hilltop overlooking the rugged coast.