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Metlifecare’s Greenwich Gardens - Stage 3

Fabricator Vistalite North Harbour

Location Auckland

Systems Atlantic48™ & Smartfit™

Products Eurostacker™ doors, Commercial Hinge Door

Industry Sector Residential

Architect / Designer Peddle Thorp architects

Situated in Auckland’s Unsworth Heights, Metlifecare’s Greenwich Gardens premium retirement village currently consists of over 200 luxurious villas and apartments.. The site has undergone three stages of development. 

Following the design from Peddle Thorp architects, the villas built in the second stage have all achieved a 6 Homestar Built rating for energy efficiency and sustainability. Double glazed windows and a range of doors for the 24 apartments constructed for Stage 3 of the development were provided by Altus Window Systems Fabricator Vistalite North Harbour adding both insulation and soundproofing.

Metlifecare have become a leader in retirement villages and, as development continues, Greenwich Gardens look set to add to this reputation.

The brief

Peddle Thorp’s vision for the apartments were a classic design, with a traditional feel. They wanted windows and doors that wouldn’t quickly become dated, and would require only minimal maintenance.

Another key consideration was the eco-friendly intent of the village. All of the apartments were to be fitted with features to enhance their insulation and energy efficiency - a factor which had important implications for the windows and doors.

The new wing was situated directly next to an in-use hospital, residential accommodation, and a busy road. As such, the final consideration for the windows and doors was a high level of acoustic performance to reduce disturbance from external noise.

The project

An early consultation between the Altus Window Systems Technical Team and Vistalite North Harbour concluded that Smartfit™ windows were the best choice to use in this project. They met the desired watertightness and wind loading standards, and they were perfectly suited to the facade’s overall aesthetic.

In addition, Altus Window Systems Technical team provided information on wind loadings and design requirements for the Smartfit™ windows to ensure suitability for the environmental conditions of the Unsworth Heights area.

With built-in head flashings, cavity closers and a range of water management features, Smartfit™ windows are the only window installation system in New Zealand to be Branz appraised. One key benefit is their speed of install, meaning that - despite onsite glazing - they could be delivered to site fully framed with few onsite materials and reduced waste.

Greenwich Gardens also made use of Atlantic48™ Eurostacker™ doors which stand at nearly 3 metres tall and span over 3 metres wide. As well as providing the residents with views of the beautiful onsite gardens, these doors also come with seismic frame options, bolstering their strength credentials.

One of the project’s challenges was getting the correct rebate to meet the seismic reinforcement standards for the sliding doors. Clear communication and coordination between the Vistalite team, builders Haydn & Rollett, and the designers ensured this process went smoothly.

The outcome

Gaining a 6 Homestar Built rating is testament to a number of special measures taken to make this build more sustainable. These include a higher level of insulation than the Building Code demands, thanks in no small part to the energy efficiency of the windows and doors.

In addition to the residences’ environmental credentials, the retirement village offers a quality lifestyle to those who call it home. When the final stage of development is complete, the site will contain beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens. Even at colder times of year, the inhabitants will be able to enjoy these surroundings from the comfort of their apartments, thanks to the larger dimensions and double glazed features of the sliding doors on their balconies.

For the team from Vistalite North Harbour, the real takeaway was coming up with a solution that fitted the designers brief, was efficient to install. Great communication between all parties ensured that every stage of the project was completed smoothly and inline with the original intent.