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Ponsonby Apartments

Fabricator Rylock Auckland

Location Auckland

Systems Pacific Architectural

Products Eurosliderâ„¢ Doors, Ranchsliderâ„¢ Windows

Industry Sector Residential - High End Architecture

Architect / Designer Leuschke Group Architects

With the unitary plan taking full effect and medium density becoming a part of the Auckland vernacular, it is little wonder apartments and terraced living has become an acceptable alternative option to the quarter acre dream. In fact in some cases it has become the preference.

This was the case with Lindey and Colin Leuschke who after years of living in large sprawling family homes came to find themselves down scaling after the kids had left the nest. So when an opportunity to purchase space on the corner of Ponsonby Rd presented itself the decision was made.

Their apartment spans the top floor of a three-storey building, above a shop and an art gallery on the ground floor, and two apartments on the level below. With panoramic views from Coromandel to the Waitakere Ranges, expansive, open-plan living spaces, a large terrace, three bedrooms (or two plus a study) and two bathrooms, they say it meets all their needs now their children have left home.

Building tight close quarter dwellings in such a bustling environment meant a number of considerations needed to be taken into account. These included; how to combat noise, be sympathetic to the surrounding heritage and take advantage of the amazing city and sea views while still maintaining a level of privacy.

This was achieved in a variety of ways, all quite clever as they demonstrated many examples of function and form going hand in hand. From sunken decks and decorative screens that created privacy from the road and neighbours but allowed a ton of natural light and city views. Through to the large sliding windows which make small spaces feel big coupled with specialty glass that considerably reduced perceived outdoor noise.

The Ponsonby Apartments are perhaps a beacon to what the new Auckland could not only look like but how vibrantly liveable it could be.