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Ponsonby Renovation

Fabricator Nebulite Auckland

Location Auckland

Systems Atlantic48™

Products Overwall Eurostacker™ door, Euroslider™ sliding window

Architect / Designer Cameron Shields

Industry Sector Residential

So what do you do when you have lived in a 100 year old home for close to 15 years and you haven't touched a thing?

Earlier this year, Jo and Richard Graham began the daunting task of completely renovating their tired old heritage villa in Ponsonby.  Not only was it a massive undertaking, the entire renovation was to be filmed as part of Peter Wolfkamp’s new TV series, Creative Living.

Along with hundreds of decisions the Graham’s needed to make along the way, choosing new windows and doors for the north facing back of the house was high on their list. For this, they sought the expert help of Nebulite Auckland.

Essentially what we were trying to achieve was that seamless flow between indoor and outdoor space. CAMERON SHIELDS | Architect

The brief for the back part of the house was to make it; warmer, let in more light and have an open concept which would turn a few small spaces into a large social space. "Essentially what we were trying to achieve was that seamless flow between indoor and outdoor space. By sliding the joinery over the cladding this is achieved, although not without some detailing challenges."

The detailed solution on this project required us to build some small fin walls to stop the joinery against and to work with the existing eave depth. To achieve a level threshold and NZBC/E2 compliance we needed to form a continuous drainage channel between the fin walls with concrete upstand nibs beneath the fins. The final challenge was to achieve the integration of the outdoor leaner as a continuation of the kitchen bench" says Shields.