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Business Opportunities

- Become a Licensed Fabricator

Take Charge : Self Direction : Lifestyle : Income : Brand Support and Security

As an Altus Window Systems licensed fabricator, you’ll unleash the full resources of an industry leader in manufacturing. We’re committed to making your business a success by giving you access to reliable supply chains, innovative products, advanced production systems, quality tools, customised business software and business experts.

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A Business Partnership

Altus Window Systems is a leading brand in innovative window & door product design underpinned by a trusted and proud fabricator network. Our iconic brands Bradnam's, Fisher, Nebulite, Nulook, Rylock and Vistalite are well-known and respected by architects, builders and home owners alike.

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Join our Fabricator Network

We currently have opportunities to join our fabricator network at a time when the construction industry is operating at a peak and with all predictions showing a continuing growth trend in the coming years. An Altus Window Systems franchise gives you all the advantages of owning your own local business, whilst providing the benefits of being part of a nationwide organization. 

As part of the Altus Window Systems network you will join a supportive group of like-minded businessmen and women and enjoy the benefits of a national support office covering all aspects of your business.

A national marketing campaign, national home builder associations and our well-known brands will assist you in getting customers to your door.  

A background in building, glazing, engineering, or successful management experience running a medium size business would make you an ideal candidate.

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Innovative Products

We’re continually expanding our product range with the most competitive, fabrication-friendly and innovative products on the market.

Product Platform

As a licensed fabricator, you’ll have full access to continuously improved product design and technologies.

All new products are tested in our in-house facilities to ensure they meet the New Zealand Standards.

Our product range is divided into three platforms, ResidentialArchitectural and Commercial, with each platform targeting specific market segments.

This industry-leading platform strategy offers you several manufacturing efficiencies and advantages:

  • Architectural symmetry throughout the three platforms
  • Shared componentry, extrusions and assembly methods
  • Consistent product quality via smart design and assembly techniques
  • Increase product offering to market without increasing the supply chain complexity

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Vertically Integrated Operation

We are a vertically integrated operation with aluminium distribution centres and sales offices throughout New Zealand.

Distribution Centres

We have made a significant investment to ensure efficient and flexible procurement of aluminium joinery.

Our licensed fabricators’ network is supported by four state of the art Distribution Centres (DCs) located in Auckland (x2), Hamilton and Christchurch.

DCs are fully automated processes that are supported via our computer software system. Orders are tracked 24 hours a day. Real-time information is available for superior customer service.

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Manufacturing Excellence

At Altus Window Systems, we take pride in the fact that we are not in the business of just selling aluminium joinery and accessories. We help our licensed fabricators achieve manufacturing excellence.

Production Systems

As an Altus Window Systems licensed fabricator, you will be provided with training production systems such as:

  • optimal factory design & layout
  • production flow improvement
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Health & Safety principles

These production systems will maximise your factory output and ensure the safety of your staff.

Tooling Quality

Our tools are of the highest quality; sourced from world-class suppliers.

They take advantage of our unique product platform strategy by allowing multiple product types to be processed from the same tool.

The tooling offer is segmented to keep our licensed fabricators competitive while balancing out their capital budget capabilities.

Tooling packages range from high volume full product range to entry-level minimum products package.

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Altus V6

The Altus V6 system is a business software that provides customised support for all aspects of your business.

Business Software

Altus V6 is a software package designed to support Altus Window Systems licensed fabricators with numerous business activities including:

  • sales order entry
  • pricing
  • sales order management
  • product manufacturing
  • purchasing
  • inventory management
  • invoicing
  • report generation

Altus V6 Support Team

Altus V6 is maintained and supported in-house by our V6 Support Team.

They are continually improving and developing new functionalities to ensure that Altus V6 provides the best support to all of our licensed fabricators.

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