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Patented Corner Connection System

Our patented connection system doesn’t require us to drill holes in frames which maintains the integrity of the joinery.

We use patented Screwless Crimped Corner Connectors to keep the mitre joints tight and strong.

These same connectors have the double benefit of preventing water entering the joinery and providing controlled paths to drain away unwanted moisture.

Our windows are designed with a strong focus on frame & panel drainage and a novel approach to eliminating potential problems. This approach includes using patented jointing technologies such as our crimped corner connection system in many products.

Frames for awning & casement windows and hinged doors are designed to be crimped together in a counter directional way without penetrating the glazing platform. This draws the extrusion together to create tight joints, which with modern sealants significantly reduce the likelihood of leaks.

Sealant is then injected to seal off the frame protecting the liner. The corner connector used in this process also acts as frame support for the mitred joint. It provides controlled drainage paths for condensation, channels errant water at the head, and any water picked up through a joint failure, safely directing water to the outside of the building envelope.

The resulting product has:
  • Strong joints, which withstand transportation and installation.
  • Tight joints, which are attractive and of consistent quality.
  • Controlled drainage. for errant water and condensation.