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Products and Services

We supply rolled and extruded products from stock.

Additionally we will extrude products that are available for Mill runs in standard production quantities. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Extrusion alloys

Through its extensive trading contacts internationally Altus is able to procure special alloys and products through mestablished partnerships with major overseas manufacturers.

We can usually provide an indent solution to enquiries for difficult to attain aluminium materials.

We have a reputation for high-quality extrusion and manufacture of aluminium profiles, from basic shapes to intricate complex designs.

Our stocked range of profiles include: Angles, Channels, Rod and Bar, Tubes & Hollows, Tee’s, I-Beam’s, Marine sections, Transport sections, Insulations sections, Signs sections, and Architectural Profiles.

Export/international services

Altus Export / International teams provide tailored product and service solutions to customers throughout the Pacific and Australasia.

Altus Export and International Departments’ offer:

Private die extrusions

Standard extrusion, plate and rolled products

Residential and commercial window and door systems

Hardware and components

Cutting services and surface finishing

CLICK HERE for more information

Custom extrusion and Die design

We also offer made-to-order services for custom designs and large mill run orders. Our team can provide a total solution - from design, alloy selection and technical support.

Our experienced Die Design teams have a long successful history of assisting companies with die design and modification to ensure successful results.

Aluminium fabrication services

Cutting Standard cutting services are available at our Distribution Centres, the benefits being that your extrusion length are ready to go. Our saws are available to also cut plate and bar (up to 300mm thick).

Precision cutting & Punching Our punching service allows our customers to order when they need and get precision sheet metal punched parts and extrusion. The use of punches is effective and takes the repetitive process away from customers.

Drilling Altus provide drilling-related services for customers across extrusion, plate and sheet.

CNC Router Altus can profile-cut your sheet and extrusion, offering the advantages of speed and precision over alternative cutting methods.

We have two flat bed CNC routers for precision profile cutting of Aluminium sheet and plate. Precision profile cutting large sheets of Aluminium with a router improves fabrication efficiency which, in turn, saves time and money and also provides you with a cost effective solution.

Altus Industrial Solutions’ CNC router has the ability to cut Aluminium sheet, plate and extrusion. (Up to 25mm thick, 2,200mm wide and 12,000mm long)

The advantages of a CNC router are:

  • Accurate CAD driven cutting
  • A smooth cut edge to improve finish quality 
  • Improved butt join weld strength and no post cut grinding, thanks to a non-heat affected cut zone
  • No water stains 

Light Fabrication Altus can offer a range of light fabrication options for Aluminium that includes cutting, drilling and punching to special tolerances.

For any cutting or ALF service contact us so we can find the best solution to your requirements

Surface Finishing:

Altus Window Systems offer a collection of inspiring colours, created especially for powder coating aluminium joinery. 

Our colours reflect modern design trends and the range provides the customer flexibility to complement or enhance the individual style of the home or commercial premises. Your local fabricator will be able to provide a colour booklet, colour card or access to swatch finish colours.