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Just a quick note: Powder coating thermal strips

Thermally broken windows in New Zealand are made using two types of technology – one uses a Polyamide Strip, the other uses what is known as the Pour-n-Debridge method.  Altus is the only manufacturer in New Zealand to employ both methods of manufacture.  We have continuously offered two forms of thermal break for well over 20 years which is why we rightly think of ourselves as the thermal technology experts.

Both are designed to reduce the transfer of heat or cold between the inner and outer parts of the aluminium profiles, by creating an insulating barrier within the window frame.

In the case of the polyamide strips, these are inserted in long lengths and crimped into place between the two aluminium parts prior to powdercoating.

Powdercoating uses an electrostatic process to spray a fine reason powder onto the surfaces of the thermally broken profiles, before the entire unit is passed through a high temperature oven which bonds the paint costing to the aluminium.  The metal portion of the window frame endures this heat treatment without change however the surface of the polyamide strips can and sometimes do react to the heat.  The underlying polyamide strips remain durable, that is their thermal performance is not affected, but the surface finish of the strip or its appearance may differ visually and texturally from the aluminium part of the frame, depending on the type of powder used.

As mentioned, the reaction can vary, depending on the powder used and the thermal performance of the frame is not impacted.  The visual and textural difference is not a cause for alarm and should certainly not form the basis of a warranty claim.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – the Window and Glass Association of New Zealand has dedicated a whole section of its web site explaining the process and possible outcomes.  Read more about it here.